Attendance Policy 

At Ravinia Reading Center your student’s progress is our primary objective. Please make every effort to help your student attend all scheduled appointments. Regular attendance also provides for the smooth operation of the entire RRC community.

In order to achieve our objectives with each individual client, we place the highest priority on providing caring and dynamic speech-language pathologists as instructors. We have to schedule and pay these clinicians even if a client is unable to attend. This is one of the ways we are able to attract top talent to work with our students. For this reason, we do not adjust tuition for missed appointments. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. However, we do realize that occasional absences will occur. When this happens, we will do everything we can to help you schedule your make-up appointment as soon as possible.

IN THE CASE OF UNAVOIDABLE ABSENCE: Please let us know if your student will miss an appointment as soon as you can. The further in advance you can give notice, the better. Make-up appointments will be offered for scheduled times missed in which we were notified 24 hours in advance.