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When Reading & Spelling are an Uphill Struggle

We understand the uphill struggle to overcome a reading difficulty. It’s important to remember that reading is a skill, and it can be taught.” Holly Shapiro Ph.D CCC-SLP

Ravinia Reading Center provides evidence-based reading instruction, tailored to your child by speech-language pathologists. Twice-weekly enrollment is available at our reading centers in Highland Park, IL, Oak Park, IL, the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, and throughout the state via private online lessons.

We emphasize the undeniable connection between spoken and written language. Our students gain an understanding of our written language system that will help them learn and remember any word they see. It’s a sensible model that is effective even for students who have experienced limited progress working with reading specialists, tutors and teachers.

To reinforce our linguistically sound approach, we staff speech-language pathologists as reading instructors, as certification in our field requires rigorous formal training in all aspects of language. We know that reading and spelling errors reveal specific gaps in language knowledge. We use this information diagnostically from the very first session to build a tailored and focused program that is continually refined as the student makes progress.

With the right help and evidence-based instruction, to meet each child’s needs, we know every child can improve their reading skills at any level or age. Reading is a skill, and it can be taught.


Offering online lessons since 2014! Please call any of our locations to learn more.

Ravinia Reading Center of Highland Park – 847-433-5878

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Ravinia Reading Center of Oak Park – 708-628-3254

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