ResearchED Washington


One minute I’m touring the White House with Tom Bennett and my Eduhero David Didau. The next, a group of invested teachers along with Kate Walsh, President, National Council of Teacher Quality (yes, that Kate Walsh) are following me into a spare classroom, willing to miss their next session to hear more about how I teach children to read. Suddenly I’m eating dinner at Dave’s Chili House where Barack Obama once visited and enjoyed a juicy half smoke. This was my ResearchED experience and it was amazing. 

From Didau (now I know, it’s pronounced /da͜ɪda͜ʊ/), don’t be so certain! Dylan William reminded us that research has its issues so your shit better be plausible. Well, maybe he didn’t say it just like that. I learned a new word (thanks Eric Kalenze) bullsh – initiatives. It’s what it sounds like, misguided ideal driven approaches to change. I’m gonna keep that one in my back pocket. 

I’m lit up like a bulb and I can’t wait to get back to teaching. It’s what I do. Watch for a blog post either here or with my friends The Learning Scientists where I will lay out the argument I presented at this most credible conference. In the meantime, here’s the image that changed me forever.

ResearchED Washington image